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Quick start WMT

Using WMT couldn’t be easier. To get going you will need to appoint the star of the show, which we call the “reference guest.” This is the contact the time-zone will be based around.

If you’re the reference guest then simply click on “This is me” and the fields will auto-complete.

If one of your contacts is the reference guest then click on the pencil icon to edit and complete their name and email address.

Specify the time and date for the meeting.

If you want to invite more people to the meeting then simply search for them or add their details using the pencil icon. You can invite up to 15 people across the world to join the meeting.

The date and time of the meeting for additional guests will be updated automatically according to the information you entered for the reference guest as well as the geographic location of each of the guests.

You can also drop the pin on the map where your guests are located. Don’t worry too much if it’s not the exact city the guest is located in - as long as it’s in the same time-zone.

You’re almost there! You now just have to let the guests know about the meeting. You can send them a mail by selecting “e-mail the other parties” or you can add it directly to their Google Calendar.

Support and About Us

Report Bugs

World Meeting Time Pro is still a baby. If you see a bug please report it to us here.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Come check out the story behind the creation of WMT and the folks who made it happen.

Press release

If you want to write about the birth of WMT download our Press release here.


World Meeting Time Pro (WMT) allows you to set up meetings across states and countries for yourself and up to fifteen guests, without having to worry about calculating the time zone differences. With an easy to use, drag and drop graphic interface and an intuitive menu, WMT allows you to specify and save your location and that of your guests as well as specific meeting information.

With WMT you may quickly determine when the meeting will happen for every guest wherever they may be, and you are be able to give a title to each meeting and specify meeting duration; you will even be able to send email notification to all guests who are part of a meeting


Choose Reference Guest their time, day and location.

The first thing you need to do is decide whose time the meeting will be scheduled around. For WMT this is the “reference guest”.

Remember: If you know the time you are free, for example, the reference guest will be you. If your friend Charlie in California said he can only meet at 4pm, it will be him.

Click on the grey pencil icon on the right of text field and enter the reference guest’s name, their email address, and their location.

Next specify the meeting time for that guest on the appropriate boxes below.

Click on the grey calendar icon to pull up a calendar and select the exact day of the meeting for the reference guest. You can also enter it manually.

Tip: If you don’t specify the date, it will default to today. It is important to set the right date because it will affect WMT’s calculation of other guest’s dates and times.

Finally, if you are the reference guest, make sure to click on the “This is me!” button below the time.

Schedule Guests

The next step is to schedule guests. You may schedule up to 15. These are the people with whom you’ll meet, but who may live in other states or countries.

Clicking on the grey pencil icon will pull out a number of fields to enter information. You must enter the guests’ names, email and location. If the guest already exists in a saved meeting, you only have to start typing their name and WMT will pull out their information. Just like you did for the reference guest, you can drag and drop the corresponding icon in the map to set the exact location of each guest. The meeting time for that guess will be automatically calculated using the reference guest location and meeting time information you provided earlier.

You can add more than one guest to the meeting. If you want to schedule another guest to the meeting, just click the, “add another guest” button. Another box will appear for their name. As well, another marker will appear on the map in a random time zone. You can coordinate times for up to five locations.

The date and time of the meeting for additional guests will be updated automatically according to the information you entered for the reference guest as well as the geographic location of each of the guests.

Set Locations and Explore the World!

At any time you can click and drag the markers on the map to the places in the world where your meeting guests are located. (It has to be on land, however, as WMT still doesn’t work for pirates - Arrr!)

Having trouble locating the exact spot? You can always zoom in on the map by scrolling with the mouse, your fingers on tablets, or by using the + and - symbols in the upper right of the map. You can also click and drag the map - no worries!

When you drop the pin on the map, the guest will then be associated with a large city that represents that time zone. Don’t worry too much if its not the exact city the guest is located in - as long as its in the same time zone.

Schedule the Meeting! Meeting Details.

Just click schedule meetings, add the guests e-mails and “e-mail the other parties”. Optionally you can click “Add to Google Calendar” and it will schedule the meeting through google calendar.


If you don’t already have an account with WMT, the first step is to create one in the registration page. On the homepage, click on the top right menu button. A sliding menu will appear. Select the register option.

You will be prompted to the Create Your Account Screen. Fill out the form fields with your email and username. You also need to enter a password and confirm (retype) the password for added security. Next click on the checkbox stating that you have read and accepted Terms and Conditions.

Finally click on the Create your Account Button. That’s it, you now have an account with World Meeting Time.


If you already have an account with WMT and are returning to the application, you will need to login. You may do this via the login screen. You can access the login screen by clicking on the top right menu button. A sliding menu will appear. Select Login to go to the Login Screen.

In the login screen enter your username and password to login to the application. Finally you will need to click on the Sign In Button.

Forgot your Password?

If you don’t remember your password, simply click on the “Forgot Password?” link. You will be prompted to reset their password via email.

Menu bar

New Meeting

Choosing new meeting will clear all fields so you may create a new meeting.


Clicking on Meetings from the sliding menu will take you to the My Meetings screen where you can delete or load previously saved meetings or create a new meeting.

My Subscription/My Account

Clicking on My Subscription/My Account will take you to the My Account page where you can upgrade your current subscription, change your password and change your default location. Simply make the appropriate changes on each row and click on the Change button to apply changes.


Clicking on Logout will log you out of WMT.