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All your meetings, sync’d.

Introducing WMT Pro: Import contacts, save meetings and sync your people across timezones.

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What’s new

Up to 15 guests per meeting

WMT Pro allows you to schedule a meeting and invite up to 15 guests from different timezones.

Save and manage contacts

WMT Pro remembers your guests and where they are in the world so you don’t have to.

GoogleCalendar ready

WMT Pro syncs with your Google calendar so you can keep up with all your meetings in one place.

As easy as drag and drop

What could be more intuitive than simply dragging and dropping a pin to your guests’ locations. Integrating the very latest in usability and design, WMT Pro is easy to use and even easier on the eyes.

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Your agenda, easier.

Up to 15 guests per meeting, plus you.

WMT Pro allows you to organize your busy lifestyle and make more of your time.

Save and load your regular meetings.

Have recurring meetings? No problem, WMT Pro allows you to schedule regular meetings and will remind you and your contacts.

No more struggle with dates and timezones.

You’ll never have to work out the time difference again, WMT Pro does all the calculating and hard work for you.

Organize. On the go.

Mobile-responsive feature coming soon!

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